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About Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads

  Our Tire Beads are a Ceramic Compound bead that balance your tires without the need for lead weights.

#1. What is the life of the tire beads?

· Tire balance beads are hard enough not to crack or come apart and they will last the life of your tires.

#2. How to tell if the tire balance beads will work in my tires?

· See our tire charts. Checkered Flag Tire Beads are very affordable and safe. They will work on many types of tires and come with a money back guarantee

#3. How does it work without causing damage my tires?

· The beads are made of a round ceramic compound that is very smooth. They roll without causing damage to the tires and if they bounce off the rims / wheels the result is the same.

#4. How do tire beads improve fuel mileage and tire wear?

· It is a proven fact that balanced tires improve fuel mileage and allow for longer tire tread life. Checkered Flag Tire Beads will balance your tires every time you leave a stop sign or stop light.

#5. Will the beads clump up inside my tires? Are they safe for TPMS?

· Unlike other products on the market today Checkered Flag Beads will not clump with moisture and is safe to use with TPMS

#6. What is the limit of vehicle types the balancing beads will work with?

· Our beads will balance tires on Semi Trucks, Motorhomes, Trailers, Motorcycles, Full size SUV's, Pickup Trucks and more. They are really not meant for small cars/vehicles, low profile tires, sports cars, hot rods and race cars.

Checkered Flag Tire Balancing Beads On "Motorhead Garage"

Tire Balancing Beads on Motorhead Garage

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