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About Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads

  Our Tire Balancing Beads are a Zr Compound bead that balance your tires without the need for lead weights.

#1. What is the life of the tire balance beads?

· Tire balancing beads are hard enough not to crack or come apart and they will last the life of your tires.

#2. How to tell if the balance beads will work in my tires?

· See our tire charts. Checkered Flag Tire Balancing Beads are very affordable and safe. They will work on many types of tires and come with a money back guarantee

#3. How do balance beads work without causing damage my tires?

· Balancing beads are made of a round Zr compound that is very smooth. They roll without causing damage to the tires and if they bounce off the rims / wheels the result is the same.

#4. How do tire balancing beads improve fuel mileage and tire wear?

· It is a proven fact that balanced tires improve fuel mileage and allow for longer tire tread life. Checkered Flag Tire Beads will balance your tires every time you leave a stop sign or stop light.

#5. Will the tire balance beads clump up inside my tires? Are they safe for TPMS?

· Unlike other products on the market today Checkered Flag Beads will not clump with moisture and is safe to use with TPMS

#6. What is the limit of vehicle types the balancing beads will work with?

· Our beads will balance tires on Semi Trucks, Motorhomes, Trailers, Motorcycles, Full size SUV's, Pickup Trucks and more. They are really not meant for small cars/vehicles, low profile tires, sports cars, hot rods and race cars.

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Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads


Balancing for Commercial Type Tires

Semi truck tire beads motorhome tire beads tire beads

If you own or operate an Over The Road OTR truck and trailer then you can most certainly benefit from our balance beads. An Internal Balance increases miles on the tread and decrease wear on your nerves with a smooth ride. Our tire balance media will not clump with moisture or damage tire linings and wheels like powder and steel can do.

For semi-trucks and big rigs, internal tire balance is not only for steer tires but the drive tires as well. Buy balance beads for all the tires for the best possible tire balance. Pour in our product and you will have a perfect, non-exhaustive, equilibrating flow. Our balancing bead pricing is one of the best on the market. Try Checkered Flag Tire Beads today.

Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads will help extend the life of the tire. Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads will not damage tires or rims like lead, steel and sandy products. Checkered Flag Tire Balancing Beads can help improve gas mileage ove an unbalanced tire.

Internal Balancing for Large Off Road Aggressive Tires

4x4 tire beads tire balance beads truck. Balancing beads tire beads.

For our customers with large aggressive off road tires we can offer the peace of mind of a long term balance and not worrying about throwing a stack of weights stuck inside your wheels.

No matter the brand or size, whether in the mud or snow, with balancing beads you will have a smooth flowing ride as the tire balancing beads continue to re-position themselves for every situation. The added bonus is longer tread life on your very big expensive tires; just pour in our tire balance beads for the tire balancing you always needed on your big tires.

Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads are very effective in balancing the huge tires. Checkered Flag Tire Balancing Beads will balance these tires when alot of spin balance machines will not. Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads will smooth the ride of your large 4x4 tires.

Tire Beads work great in all Types of Trailers

If you want to make your trailer tires last as long as possible you ned to have them balanced. The beads work great and last the life of the tires.

Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads are great for trailer tires

Checkered Flag Tire Balancing Beads will help extend the life of trailer tires

Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads will help even out the wear of this type tire.

Internal Balancing for Motorcycle Balancing

Motorcycle tire balance beads for you. Over 50% of our customers own a motorcycle or scooter and need a better way of balancing their tires. We have had many positive feedbacks from very happy motorcycle customers that have poured the balance beads into their motorcycle wheels. Our motorcycle balancing beads are just as good as other balancing beads that sell for twice the price.

With motorcycle tire balancing beads, just like with the truck tires, you will gain a smooth ride with longer tread wear and with motorcycle tire balancing beads; there are no ugly weights and smooth ride for the life of the tread. This is one of the greatest ways of balancing a motorcycle tire. The use of these tire balancing beads will put a smile on your face and have your motorcycle smooth as glass.

These balancing beads will work in all tubeless motorcycle tires. Please be aware that 50% of tubes have a smaller hole just below the core. This will cause issues with the beads going through. No lead on your motorcycle. Our balancing beads are sold all around the world for motorcycle tires. So buy Checkered Flag Tire Beads today for your motorcycle.

Simply put, Balancing Beads are the way to go

Using tire balance beads, place less stress on suspension, drivers nerves, can increase fuel mileage and increase tread wear. Unlike lead weights, which are becoming illegal due to environmental problems, balancing beads are completely Green and, they are re-usable. On a motorcycle, truck, motorhome, trailer and more these balancing beads are the best way of balancing a tire for the life of the tread. Tire balancing beads are quickly becoming the most popular means of balancing around the world.

Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads

We are proud to sell tire balance beads and hope you see our customer feedback on the main site. Internal Tire Balancing is the topic of conversation and each day more folks are telling how happy they are internal balancing. Tire internal balancing started in the 70's with truckers using metal balls. Soon it was discovered that the metal would rust and damage tires along with the rims. Tire internal balancing went through several different media over the last 40 years but none are a well suited for the job as the Ceramic Compound beads. These tire balancing beads will not hurt the tires or the rims and are not affected by moisture like the sand, powder and metal balls are. 

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